Colorado State University

Ph.D. Ruminant Nutrition


University of Maryland

M.S. Monogastric Nutrition


Colorado State University

B.S. Animal Science

B.S. Agricultural Business

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Family & Travel

The most important thing to me is spending time with my family.  We especially love the great outdoors, partaking in the Rocky Mountains, and going on a big trip each year to explore and experience someplace new. 

Horses & Cows

In my off time I prefer to be in the company of horses and cows.  We have a small commercial cow herd that serves as the "experimental herd" for Grassland...they are the guinea pigs whenever I want to try something new!  I figure if doesn't work for my cows, then there is no sense in recommending anyone else do it.  I also have the great pleasure to ride and show horses with my daughter.  


             2016 Rising Star recipient for the FFA Foundation Ag Hall of Fame:   Link to Congressional Record

Undergraduate Education.  Kelcey obtained dual Bachelor of Science degrees at Colorado State University in Animal Science and Ag Business and competed nationally on the varsity Livestock Judging Team. During her undergraduate education, she also held two internships that paved the way for her future: first, she worked at a large commercial farrow-to-finish swine operation in NE Colorado and then at the historic Ranch-Way Feeds in Ft. Collins, CO. These experiences confirmed that Kelcey’s professional goals would be to focus in the feed and nutrition industry and instilled in her how critically important college internships are (both for the host company and the student). 

Graduate Education. While living on the East Coast, Kelcey tackled her Master of Science degree in Equine/Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Maryland under Dr. Amy Burk. During this time, she was also exposed to poultry nutrition work conducted by Dr. Roselina Angel. Kelcey’s master’s thesis work was focused on the effects of supplementing the equine diet with probiotics against an induced acidotic challenge (published in the Journal of Animal Science), in addition to evaluating the viability and quality control of direct-fed microbials (aka probiotics) at commercial feedmills. Upon completion of her Master’s Degree at Maryland, she decided to return to beef cows and come back “home” to Colorado to pursue a Doctorate degree in Ruminant Nutrition under Drs. Archibeque, Engle, and Irlbeck at CSU. Her Ph.D. research efforts were focused on applicable research for beef producers. The applications she tested were the ethanol industry’s by-product, dried distiller’s grains (DDGS), and a commercial yeast culture that was fed as a natural alternative to feeding ionophores in natural beef finishing systems (published in the Journal of Animal Science) and its effects on E. coli O157 (published in the Journal of Food Protection).

Career in the Feed Business.  Prior to starting Grassland Nutrition Consulting, Kelcey worked in the Nutrition/Feeds and Feeding industry for 18 years.  In addition to multiple internship experiences and part-time positions during her eduation, she worked for three very reputable nutrition/feed companies.  First, she worked for Cargill Animal Nutrition's Nutrena and Acco brand feed divisions in Ft. Worth, Texas, and eventually became a Territory Manager for them in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Then, she got the opportunity to learn about carnivore diets and was the District Manager for the pet food company, Royal Canin, along the Eastern shore board.  Lastly, while completing her doctorate at CSU, Kelcey had the great opportunity to return to Ranch-Way Feeds as their head nutritionist (where she had once been an intern).  While there, her primary role was to provide technical nutrition and formulation services to their diverse customer base and develop a HACCP program.  Currently, Kelcey is also an Affiliate Faculty Member at CSU and is honored to have the opportunity to guest-lecture in their Animal Science and Equine Science classes, advise grad students, and be privy to their ongoing research efforts.  Kelcey believes in the power of mentorship, learning should never stop!

"Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me…I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work with large commercial clients as their private nutrition consultant. I look forward to working together with you and the key decision makers in your company to develop a nutrition program for your livestock business that gives you a great deal of confidence." 

~Thank you, Dr. Kelcey Swyers~

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​​Kelcey Swyers, PhD, PAS

Kelcey competing on her horse, Husker's Playmate in Ranch Horse Versatility State Finals.