“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”  

~Chip Bell, Customer Loyalty Consultant & Speaker

​​Kelcey Swyers, PhD, PAS

consulting services:

  • Client Profile includes:  Cow-Calf, Farmer-Feeders, Feedlot, Bull and Heifer Developers, all Phases of Dairy Production, Equine,   and feed formulation for small Co-ops and Feedmills.
  • Interface with Feed & Commodity Suppliers                      (logistics, bids, contracts)
  • Diet Customization
  • Total Mixed Rations (TMR)
  • Customized Mineral Programs
  • Winter Supplementation
  • Calf Weaning Diets
  • Grow-Finish Rations
  • Bull and Heifer Development
  • Dairy Rations:  Lactating, Close-Up, Far Off, Dry Cow, etc.
  • Least-Cost Formulation
  • Feedlot Batching, Ration Mixing, Feed Bunk Management, etc.
  • Feed and Forage Analysis & Interpretation
  • Research Collaboration
  • Technical Writing
  • Speaking Engagements 

        ...if you have a unique situation or a nutritional request

        not listed above, it may be something that I can either

        do some research on and figure it out, or refer you to 

        someone who can.