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Feed Yard

Feed Mill​

Grassland Nutrition Consulting
This is our Wheel-House.
Nobody understands the
​challenges of feeding cows in the
High Plains like we do.

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Results Oriented.
We will help you accomplish your goals in the feed yard. Every situation is unique and we can accommodate that.

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Private Advice.

Dr. Kelcey Swyers, owner and operator of Grassland Nutrition Consulting, offers private animal nutrition consulting to a wide array of clients. Our existing clients want personal, honest and non-biased advice from someone who has experience and who they can trust. We have the pleasure of working with very large commercial clients in the High Plains area (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and New Mexico) and tailor the nutrition program around what makes the most practical sense FOR THEM.

No two operations are the same, therefore no two solutions are the same.

Specializing in Cow-Calf, Feed Yard, and Farmer-Feeder Settings.

Also serving Local/Family-Owned Feed Mills, Co-ops, Dairies and Specialty Supplement Companies.

​​ Bring it on!

We provide the formulation and technical support you need to serve YOUR customers...and we've done it all!

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Dedicated to sound nutrition.

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